Next chapter

This is a bittersweet post. It is sweet that many members of the UHRA are getting increasingly busy with interesting projects outside of the UHRA: it is sweet that Hayley’s startup, ThriveHire is a huge success, for example; and it is sweet that I am going to medical school. It is bitter, however, that these competing priorities mean less time to dedicate to the UHRA. And it is bitter that after 5 years in existence, the UHRA will cease its activities in the summer of 2019.

But it is sweet that in its 5 years of existence, the UHRA has achieved a lot, both for the world of global health, with our podcasts, social media, and newsletters. Those will continue to be accessible on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter indefinitely, so that you can access these resources if you ever need them. Or if you ever feel nostalgic (I know I will). It is also sweet that through the UHRA, we have been able to meet the most interesting, articulate, and smart people. And I like to think that we have also contributed a little more knowledge to the world of global health. Onward. 


                        -Stephanie, UHRA President, July 2019.