Executive Member Team:


Stephanie Parent/President

Stephanie Parent is a Vancouver-based community health researcher trained in epidemiological and social research methods, with degrees in behavioural neuroscience (BSc) and public health (MPH). She holds strong values of social justice, and has a long-standing interest in addressing global health inequities. Her research interests include health equity for marginalized populations, the social determinants of health, monitoring and evaluation, community-based participatory health research, and health promotion. Throughout her career, she has been deployed to the WHO in Geneva to contribute to addressing the Ebola epidemic, and has investigated community health projects in Quebec, Ecuador and South Africa.

With the UHRA, Stephanie is thrilled to advance collaborative knowledge, and in the spirit of equity, give a platform and bring to the spotlight important yet sometimes neglected research issues and lesser known researchers. As President, Stephanie is in charge of organizing and chairing meetings and offering assistance to fellow executive members as they work closer to achieving their mission.


Prince Adu/Projects Coordinator

Prince was proudly born and raised in Ghana. He went on to receive his Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Ghana and two Masters degrees from Ohio University, one in Public Health and the other in International Development. Prince is currently pursuing a PhD at the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia. He is particularly interested in understanding the structural determinants of health in populations using statistical modelling techniques.

Prince enjoys working with the UHRA because of its great team atmosphere. As the Projects Coordinator, Prince is in charge of taking a leading role with organizing the educational resources, which is something he really enjoys doing!


Hayley Mundeva/Website Manager

With family roots in Canada, Australia and Tanzania, Hayley has always been fascinated with global affairs. She majored in Global Health during both her Master of Public Health and Bachelor of Science degrees from Simon Fraser University and UBC. During her academic pursuits, Hayley explored ethical challenges that emerge in global health ventures, particularly when international stakeholders engage with marginalized populations such as women and children. Hayley loves applying this curiosity into her work, which includes working with the African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF), the Canadian Coalition of Global Health Research (CCGHR) and St. Michael’s Hospital. She is now Founder/CEO of ThriveHire, an online career platform connecting people to Global Health jobs and volunteer opportunities.

With the UHRA, Hayley loves bringing together bright minds to explore and debate important health issues affecting sub-Saharan Africa. As website manager, she is in charge of updating the website so that it’s filled with the latest UHRA content. 


Preet Gandhi/Social Media Coordinator

Preet has continually emphasized the need to view health and wellness through a global lens. He has been primarily interested in the ethics of working in international health, and how the nature of international partnerships with marginalized populations in sub-Saharan Africa impacts the region. Preet is excited about the UHRA’s mission to highlight the brilliant and important work of African scholars in an effort to build equitable global health partnerships. Ultimately, Preet hopes these equitable partnerships will assist in providing African scholars with the resources necessary to further evoke change and growth within their respective regions. While the issues surrounding health in sub-Saharan Africa are complex and dynamic, Preet looks forward to raising transparent discussion through his role as the Social Media Coordinator. With this position, Preet is in charge of submitting engaging and thought-provoking posts onto the Twitter and Facebook pages.

Preet in currently completing his degree in Kinesiology at UBC and is ecstatic to be a part of the UHRA team. He has worked and volunteered in a variety of fields based on his public health interests, including his current position as a Research Assistant for the Gerontological Education, Research, and Outreach (GERO) Unit with the UBC School of Nursing. 


Oba Banwo/Treasurer

Oba is a student in the Master of Public Health program at the University of Saskatchewan, where he serves on the Student Council for the School of Public Health Student Association. His passion for social justice and health equity motivated him to enrol in the program, and he is deeply interested in the interplay of politics and the delivery of healthcare. He recognizes the role of intersectionality and the social determinants of health in determining health on individual and population levels, and how these factors need to be considered when assessing health disparities. He believes continuous discourse is integral to developing initiatives to resolve these disparities, which is what made him keen to join the UHRA.

As Treasurer, Oba is committed to diligently exploring funding channels that can be capitalized to ensure the work done by the UHRA thrives.


Nadifa Abdi/Communications Coordinator

Nadifa holds an HBSc in Biology Health Science and Psychology from the University of Toronto and a Regulatory Affairs Post Graduate Certificate from Humber College. Since then, she has worked at Health Canada to ensure that pharmaceutical companies follow Canadian safety guidelines and regulations to make sure their products are safe and effective. Nadifa is currently working in the Biotech field, in the area of umbilical cord blood and tissue research, and is intrigued with stem cell research.

Nadifa is currently pursuing her Master of Public Health at the University of Saskatchewan. With an interest in epidemiology, biostatistics and global health issues, Nadifa hopes to delve deeper into social health issues with UHRA. She believes that health and knowledge are two imperative assets that are valuable to any individual and society. With the right techniques, perspectives, and design, Nadifa believes that diseases can be prevented and population health outcomes can improve. Nadifa has a passion for helping people and is eager to raise awareness and create dialogues that aim to address health concerns affecting sub-Saharan Africa with UHRA.


Sahar Nourouzpour/Event Coordinator

Sahar is a Master of Science student at York University, where she is in her second year of Health Sciences studies, with a focus on Epidemiology. She is currently involved in a project examining social and physiological factors that influence a patient’s quality of care in a community cardiology setting. Her research specifically aims to understand differences surrounding an individual’s degree of care, while inspiring thought-provoking questions as to why they exist. Sahar has a passion for travelling, and her academic background in the Health Sciences field have led her to questioning why access to healthcare is jeopardized in numerous settings. She hopes to apply skills gained throughout her degree on an international level, where striking health disparities are not only present but require urgent action.

Sahar believes that the best place to start this type of work is by raising awareness and encouraging discussions, which is what led her to join the UHRA. Ultimately, Sahar hopes to take part in policy changes that support sustainable health systems where a "one size does not fit all" approach is embraced and where health equity is prioritized. As Event Coordinator, she is the lead person in finding and developing UHRA events, and coordinating the podcast. 

Lauren's pic

Lauren Hamill/Associate Member

Growing up in a small township in Northern Ontario, Lauren has always been passionate about making healthcare more accessible to people. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Public Health degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Throughout her studies, Lauren has focused on rural health, epidemiology and marginalized populations, including First Nations, women and children. Her interests in international development and accessible healthcare encouraged her to cross international borders; recently, she traveled to Kenya where she witnessed first-hand some of the successes and challenges that can emerge when healthcare teams attempt to provide care in rural areas.

Lauren has gained further public health insights from her previous experience with Chapleau Health Services, where she was part of a team that provided to care to a growing aging population in a small isolated community. Here, she helped build the base for a new seniors facility, which was dedicated to minimizing displacement and providing seniors with optimal care and supportive services. Lauren also volunteers with Plan International where she educates the public about maternal, newborn and child health programs. She's looking forward to applying these experiences and insights to the UHRA!